If you follow the various bourbon message boards and bloggers, you’ve no doubt heard by now that Heaven Hill has applied for a new label for 20 year old John E. Fitzgerald bourbon containing whiskey distilled at none other than Stitzel-Weller in Louisville.

Don’t go crazy yet…the price will no doubt be astronomical, and thus far they’ve only applied for 375 ML bottles, meaning that astronomical price will get you a half-sized bottle.  And given recent trends, I’d almost bet money that these will be gift shop only.  Nor is application for label approval a guarantee that the whiskey will even be released.  Sometimes, distillers just apply for the label “in case” they ever need it.  But if they ARE sitting on 20+ year old barrels of Stitzel-Weller, they’ll need to find a use for them soon.

But we will endeavor to sample it and provide you with tasting notes as soon as possible.