It’s really the age old question for bourbon-lovers isn’t it?  On what particular whiskey (or whiskeys) should a whiskey lover spend their hard-earned dollars?  To best answer it, I decided to call in the cavalry.  I contacted a number of bourbon and whiskey bloggers, podcasters, writers, and retailers and asked them to submit their own strategic allocations of a hundred bucks.  The series is called “If I had a Benjamin.” (See the whole series here.)

If I Had a Benjamin

Our next submission comes to us from Melissa McEwan, Associate Editor, Food & Drink of Chicagoist.  We met Melissa during the media tour for the 2014 Bourbon Classic and love her writing.

Melissa took a slightly different route in her selections, with the fewest bottles of any writer thus far.  What does that mean?  That means she’s got a really nice one in her list.  Like many others thus far, she’s also got a variety, throwing more than one kind of whiskey.

By Melissa McEwan chicagoist

I agonized over my choices for quite some time, but realized I could just tell you what I did actually buy for $100 after getting back from that trip. Even if it makes me a bit of a hypocrite. You see, one of the things I bought was a limited edition, which I tend to roll my eyes at.

 Being a food writer, fancy schmancy limited bourbons were among the first bourbons I tried. And like most casual drinkers, I didn’t have the palate to appreciate them at first. They just tasted good. I didn’t know how good in comparison to the rest until I tried a lot more different bourbons throughout the value range.
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