It’s really the age old question for bourbon-lovers isn’t it?  On what particular whiskey (or whiskeys) should a whiskey lover spend their hard-earned dollars?  To best answer it, I decided to call in the cavalry.  I contacted a number of bourbon and whiskey bloggers, podcasters, writers, and retailers and asked them to submit their own strategic allocations of a hundred bucks.  The series is called “If I had a Benjamin.” (See the whole series here.)

If I Had a Benjamin

For installment #3, I’ll use a horse racing term, as it’s Derby week, after all (look it up, non-Kentuckians).  You may

remember Chris’s post from Bottom of the Barrel kicking the series off, and now we’re hitting the Exacta with Darren from Bottom of the Barrel as well:

Darren with logo

By Darren, Bottom of the Barrel

First off, when people learn I have a bourbon podcast and blog, they’ll usually ask the polite, “Oh, really, that’s interesting, what’s your favorite bourbon?” A loaded question if there ever was one. I came up with my own standard answer, “It depends on what I’m doing and my mood.” A little dry and not very fun of an answer, but it’s the correct and 100% true answer for myself.

Darren Posing with a ton of Food
Darren from Bottom of the Barrel Posing with a ton of Food

So this question at hand is open ended. It wasn’t “What would you get 1) to bring to a nice dinner party to share, or 2) to a rowdy party, or 3) to give to an old friend…,” so I’ve had to come up with a general answer. I’m going to do my best to choose a number of bottles good for a variety of situations. My portfolio will be diversified so to speak. Essentially, this would be my list to give to intrepid bourbon/whiskey neophytes who want to drop $100 on a good spread, or for myself to have a decent spread on hand at home for any given occasion or mood. I have also limited myself to things readily and easily available year-round at most large liquor stores. So let me get down to it and tell you my choices and why I chose what I did.

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