A Few weeks ago, one of our regular readers (Thanks, Gary!) posed an interesting question to us and sparked a conversation on our Forums:  If I had $100 to spend on one or more bourbons, which ones would I buy?

It’s really the age old question for bourbon-lovers isn’t it?  On what particular whiskey should a whiskey lover spend their hard-earned dollars?  To best answer it, I decided to call in the cavalry.  I contacted a number of bourbon and whiskey bloggers, podcasters, writers, and retailers and asked them to submit their own strategic allocations of a hundred bucks.  This Bourbon Brain Trust consists of:

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll see each writer answer that question however they like.  They’re free to create any scenario (desert island, last bourbons they’ll ever drink, etc.) And they’re free to structure it any way they like.  The only real constraint is that the bourbon they choose must be at least somewhat reasonably obtainable to the standard buyer in their area (so no Pappy, 1965 Dusties, etc.)

We’ll post excerpts, full text, photos, links, etc. right here on ModernThirst, but be on the lookout for their work to pop up on their own sites as well!  And check twitter for #IfihadaBenjamin.