We’re coming up on the end of the month….Is everyone still enjoying some Old Weller Antique?



With 46% of the votes, and no other bourbon garnering more than 17%, you’ve chosen Old Weller Antique to be March, 2015’s Bourbon of the Month!  Here’s what you, our readers, are saying about Old Weller Antique:

Al wrote via Comments:

Al on March 2, 2015 10:56 am · Edit

The people have spoken!!!! OWA is very simple and pleasant. Nobody can complain about it. If you expect something else and OWA isn’t it, your expectation is is misguided. There is plenty available in my area, Connecticut, and a 750ml bottle goes for $20, even the single barrel program bottles.

Enjoy this wonderful, unpretentious bourbon.

From Stan P. via email:

Enjoying the bourbon of the month.

Had to look long and hard for this one when it looked like it was going to win last month…

Stan P March 2015 BOTM OWA