As originally reported earlier today by Fred Minnick, it looks like the Great Bourbon Shortage of 2014-2015 has claimed a very prominent victim.  Four Roses has officially confirmed that the Limited Edition Single Barrel is no more.  They did reserve the right to release it for special occasions, but there will be no annual release.

Due to inventory concerns over aged stock, and to continue to provide the highest quality products, beginning in 2015, Four Roses Distillery will be selecting and bottling their Limited Edition Single Barrel product for special commemorative bottling occasions only. We will, however, continue to produce and bottle our Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon each year in the fall.

It’s a sad day for Four Roses fans and for Bourbon fans in general.  The 2014 version was one of the best bourbons we tasted last year.  We reported several times last year that Master Distiller Jim Rutledge said that the private selection single barrel program would be winding down this year due to low stocks, and prices on the private barrels have risen about 20% over the past few months. I fully expected the private selection program to end in mid 2015, but  I have to admit, I didn’t see the discontinuation of the limited edition coming.


Rest in peace, Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel.  We hardly knew thee.