Boredom got the better of me.  I’ve seen multiple nice tasting sets on eBay, etsy, amazon, etc.  I looked at the prices, and thought they seemed a bit…ridiculous.  So yesterday, I took to the garage shop and made my own glencairn tray out of some scrap wood with a minimum of effort.


The Tools:

Drill (with 2 inch flat bottom round bit)

  • Palm sander
  • Vice or clamps
  • Router table with round over bit
  • Bench saw
  • Wood glue
  • Stain
  • Exacto knife (for logo stencil)
  • Spray paint (for logo)

The Steps:

  1. (Optional) Cut stencil in cardboard using exacto knifestencil
  2. Cut two wood strips to matching lengths (I used red oak)
  3. Measure spacing and drill holes for glass bases in one strip

tasting tray 1 tools

  1. Glue two strips of wood together and clamp tightly until drytasting tray 1 .1
  2. Sand edges smooth
  3. (Optional) Spray logo to wood using stenciltasting tray 1.5
  4. Route edges of top strip of woodtasting tray 1.2
  5. Apply staintasting tray 1.3

tasting tray 1.4