What do you get when you add 5 bourbons lovers, a microphone, and five really bad bourbons?

A podcast!

Modern Thirst and Big Earl’s Beverage Company (of Nicholasville, KY) were invited to join Bottom of the Barrel’s “Bourbon Limbo” podcast last weekend.  So off I went to meet some fellow bourbonites.

The premise of the podcast is simple:  A blind tasting of five of the cheapest and/or worst-selling bourbons at Big Earl’s Beverage Company and see if there is any worth to any of them.  The results are highly  entertaining.  Check out the podcast at Bottom of the Barrel and listen to their other podcasts as well.  Great stuff there.

The bourbons tasted:

Ezra Brooks 90 Proof

Very Old Barton 6 Year Old 86 Proof


Ancient Age 90 Proof

Rebel Yell 80 Proof


We’re hoping to meet up with Bottom of the Barrel and Big Earl’s again soon for some tastings and future collaborations, so stay tuned!  And thanks to Big Earl’s and Bottom of the Barrel for including us!