One of the great perks of living in the midst of the Great Bourbon Boom is that there are more new options available to us than ever before.  Producers are experimenting with new proofs, new recipes, and new concepts. 

Some of the recent developments:

  • Barrel Proof Elijah Craig? Yes, please.
  • Single Barrel Jim Beam? What took them so long?
  • Barrel Proof Makers Mark?  It’s on its way.

But there are still so many great ideas left hanging in the world of whiskey, that I’m sure our readers could one-up the masters.  If you could be master distiller of any producer for one day, what new variation of an existing label or new product would you create today?

Some Suggestions:

  • 8 year old Heaven Hill
  • Barrel Proof Four Roses Small Batch
  • 100 Proof Basil Hayden

 Put on your Master Distiller’s hat and post your suggestions in the comments below!