On April 15th, 2014, Modern Thirst moved from its original hosting environment at WordPress.com to Godaddy.com and launched our new, professional web design (We initially launched in January of 2014). At the same time, we registered with Google Analytics, allowing us to track our site’s traffic on the new hosting environment.

Today, we passed 3,000 unique visitors since April 15th. That’s over 10,000 page views in just a few short months! Thanks to everyone who has helped us grow from our infancy through today, which I’d guess would be our toddler stage, since we obviously plan to eventually dominate the entire beer and spirits media world.  Technically, we exceeded 3,000 a few weeks ago, but the site statistics on the old hosting environment are lost to the sands of time.

But we’re not done yet. We have begun developing a number of new ideas for Modern Thirst. We’re planning to add discussion forums, launch tasting chapters in multiple cities to help provide feedback and a more “social” atmosphere and reader involvement, and we hope to enter partnerships with other beer & bourbon related organizations and outlets. We plan to add options to allow you to receive email updates from the site as well.

So stick with us, keep visiting, and spread the Modern Thirst word! We’re here to stay, and the sky’s the limit!



-Bill, Matt, and Bill