American Figure Skater Ashley Wagner completed her performance Sunday at the Sochi Olympics and was elated with her performance before she stepped off the ice.

When she saw her low scores from the judges, she became an instant internet celebrity.

She clearly mouthed the words “That’s Bull—-!”

It’s possible, I guess, she was just reacting to Bob Costas’s gooey eye infection (For the love of God, someone get that man some Visine!), but more realistically, she expected a higher score and disagreed with the judges’ take…vehemently. Her expression changed instantly from bizarre artificial joy that can only be found on the overacting faces of Broadway performers to unrepentant pouting. It was awesome.

Lest we forget that pouty princesses at the Olympics isn’t a new thing, I urge you to recall gymnast McKayla Maroney’s photo on the medal stand in Beijing in 2012.

Prepare yourself for the internet memes. They’ve already started.

So raise a glass to the new Pouty Princess! Cheers!