January 22nd marks the 226th birthday of one George Gordon Byron, better known to literature buffs and overly dramatic high school teachers with over-inflated senses of self-worth everywhere as the poet and writer, Lord Byron.

During his lifetime, Lord Byron wrote prolifically. So prolifically, in fact, that when his publisher re-published his life works in 1832, 3 years after his death, it took up FOURTEEN BOOKS to print it all. In his life, he was a mega-celebrity, with his wife actually coining the term “Byromania.” If my name worked that well with “mania,” I would hope it would become a phrase as well. Regardless, in his death, he became the scourge and sworn enemy of honors and AP literature students world-wide for the next two and a quarter centuries.

His greatest work was Don Juan, which shocked Victorian England and has been regarded as a literary classic ever since.

So to celebrate the birthdate of Lord Byron, raise a glass of…what else? A Lord Byron! (Hey, if a guy has a mixed drink named after him, it makes this Daily Toast pretty easy!)

To make a Lord Byron, mix 1/3 Oz Sweet Vermouth with 1 Oz Scotch and 1/3 Oz triple Sec, and add a dash of Angostura Bitters with ice and strain.